In an interview with Andy Cohen on the American radio station SiriusXM, Paris Hilton has announced that she still has a very warm heart for her former ‘party friend’ Britney Spears.

“Britney is a very pure and sweet person”

“We saw each other in Malibu this summer and then had dinner together. We still do quite a few things together, although now a bit more virtual due to the corona virus. I really love Britney,” said Paris.

“Britney is a very pure and sweet person, there is no harm in that. When we are together or talk to each other on the phone, we always talk about nice things. Music, fashion … well, that sort of thing. Me don’t like to talk about negative things, so we don’t. “

Paris is concerned about the conditions surrounding Britney and her father Jamie. “I think that as an adult you should be able to lead your own life. Britney has not been able to do that for years, because her father keeps her under control. But she has worked very hard for years, since she was young, and made her own money. Isn’t it strange that she can’t decide on her own fortune? “