Britney Spears (38) has been under the supervision of her father for twelve years. That means she’s not allowed to make her own decisions in her life – not get married, not vote, not even drive – and James Spears, 68, sets her entire agenda. The court documents were under lock and key for a long time, but that is now slowly changing.

“At this point in her life, Britney appreciates and welcomes all the support she receives from her many fans”

For example, Britney’s lawyer wrote in a new motion last week that his client pleads for openness to future decisions regarding her lawsuit. “The secrecy surrounding the legal action stems from protecting Britney, James said, but Britney strongly opposes that,” read court documents, which were made public through Britney’s Gram’s Twitter page , a podcast that describes the case. around the superstar.

In the previously submitted documents, Britney Spears, through her lawyer, even speaks out for the first time about the # FreeBritney movement, a group of fans fighting for her freedom. “Britney’s receivership has sparked massive attention in both traditional and social media.” 

“Anything but a conspiracy theory or a joke, as James Spears calls it, this large-scale media investigation is mainly due to its aggressive secrecy surrounding this case to ensure that hardly any important information is available to the public,” he writes. lawyer in the documents. He continues, “At this point in her life as she tries to regain some personal autonomy, Britney appreciates and welcomes all the support she receives from her many fans.”

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“The Conservatee has refused to engage in any business activities, including making a single non-performing appearance at a local pop-up store dedicated to the Conservatee, where minimal effort was required, resulting in the Estate’s being required to refund the advance it had received in the amount of $1,000,000. The Conservatee’s lack of cooperation in her own financial well-being and preservation of her continued stature as an iconic artist has deteriorated, rather than improved.” · The Zone paid the team $1 million for Britney to make an appearance, but Britney refused. Conservator dad JAMES cites her refusal to work as evidence that Britney’s condition is declining, further confirming that the conservatorship is not intended to treat a neurocognitive disorder like dementia but for James to control Britney’s behavior for financial gain. Britney’s career decisions should be her own! #BritneyLeaks

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Via #BritneyLeaks, more and more details about Britney Spears’ limited life are now coming out. For example, it became known from new court documents that the pop princess no longer has the desire to work or perform. James Spears says Britney has refused to participate in any business activities for the past year.

“Including a one-time presence with minimal effort at a local pop-up shop around her person.” He is referring to the Britney Spears: The Zone exhibition in Los Angeles, where, in addition to purchasing the necessary Britney merchandise, one could also take a trip through its musical history. Britney’s no-show meant that a million dollar advance had to be paid back to the temporary exhibit on which her name hangs. “Britney’s lack of cooperation with her own business well-being and maintaining her image as an iconic artist has deteriorated, rather than advanced,” her father’s view read, according to the leaked papers.

James Spears managed to extend custody of his daughter until February 2021, but the newly filed motions prove that Britney is daring to fight her father for the first time in twelve years. The next court case is scheduled for September 16, where the above documents will be dealt with. In any case, there is no press present: judge Brenda Penny has rejected the request submitted by The New York Times, among others   .