In 2013, shortly after she put her film career on the back burner to found  her beauty company The Honest Company, Jessica Alba (39) published her first book with tips for a healthier life. It became a bestseller, and in 2020 she wants to achieve that success again. Jessica is writing her memoirs, according to In Touch, in which she reveals for the first time that she was kidnapped at the age of 15. 

Nearly a decade after Jessica Alba, who is celebrating her 40th birthday next year, started  her own business,  the mother of three is getting into her pen to write down her memoirs. “And she is ready to tell you everything”, it sounds. “From being a child actor to a multi-billion dollar business executive, she’s lived a fantastic life and has quite a story to tell.”

Before success came her way, the actress endured many tough trials. For example, in her biography, Alba reveals that she was kidnapped at the age of 15, an incident she “ never spoke about in public”. Jessica was kidnapped on the set of her very first TV show, ‘Flipper’ in 1996. She was terrified and was not found again until fourteen hours later,  blindfolded and tied up in the trunk of a car.

The extremely religious family in which Alba grew up is also discussed in detail. The actress couldn’t stand her upbringing and rebelled at the age of 20, after which she became engaged to colleague Michael Weatherly , with whom she then acted in ‘ Dark Angel’. Their romance didn’t last, but Jessica found love happiness with 41-year-old Cash Warren, whom she is still married to today. 

“But it was not easy,” it sounds. The couple had “big problems” during the beginning of their relationship: they unexpectedly got pregnant and had to “solve trust problems” while raising their children Honor (12) Haven (9) and Hayes (2). Still, she definitely wants to share her story, as a family friend continues: “Jessica has a lot to tell. She overcame so much and believed in herself while others didn’t. It’s a really  inspiring story. ”