At the end of August, Jamie Spears again became Britney’s guardian, but the singer continues to fight to be stripped of this status.

Despite the fact that the court recently rejected Britney Spears’ request to revoke her father’s guardianship, the pop star continues to fight for her independence. Recently, Britney’s lawyers filed a lawsuit with new documents, drawn up on her behalf, in order to make public the closed parts of her case.

In a statement, Spears expressed her support for the Free Britney movement, which was launched by her fans, who believe that the singer is under the tight control of her father, who has recently returned to custody. The star’s lawyer challenged the petition of James Spears, who insists on concealing part of the case materials.

“Britney opposes her father’s desire to keep some of the court’s information as a family secret. She has no health problems or children to hide. She also welcomes and greatly appreciates the support of her fans. All this is not a joke or a conspiracy theory, ”said the singer’s lawyer.

Recall that it was Britney’s father who called the hype around his daughter a conspiracy theory and said that he did not steal her money: “All these conspiracy theorists have no idea what is going on. They just don’t know. I have to report to the court annually for every cent spent. How the hell can I steal something? “