Yolanda Hadid, mother of the two top models Gigi and Bella Hadid, is threatened with death through the social media accounts of her daughters. She says that at the moment four men have a restraining order because they send the models inappropriate messages.

In conversation with de Volkskrant, the 54-year-old Hadid tells her that she is worried about “the shadowy side of social media”.

“People who do not have good intentions can reach my children directly through them,” said Hadid. “Our family currently has four road bans against disturbed men who send messages to my children via direct message .” I’m going to kill your mother so that I can get closer to you. ” No matter how strong my children are, that’s what she talks about. ”

The former Dutch model, now living in America, finds it “worrying” that some young social media users are unhappy because they mirror the “perfect pictures” on services like Instagram. She realizes that children also compare with her daughters Gigi (23) and Bella (22). “My children can not help being born that way, and they realize that followers see them as role models.”

One advantage of social media is that Hadid knows that her daughters, who often travel around the world, hang out. “If I have not heard from them for half a day, I’ll look online for a while and I’ll always find a paparazzi photo: I think: Ah, Gigi is there and drinking coffee.”