Singer Camila Cabello and actress Kaley Cuoco each separately slandered their followers on social media because of pregnancy rumors. There was a lot of debate about the two, or perhaps a little one was coming, to the great annoyance of Camila and Kaley.

“Boys, do not go crazy”

The 21-year-old Camila placed a photo on Friday with a hand on her stomach. Many followers saw that as a sign of a pregnancy, where the singer felt compelled to respond. “Guys, do not be fooled, I’ve been on tour in America and have a great dinner, leave me and my belly alone!”

Also Big Bang Theory actress Kaley can not really laugh about it. A picture from the red carpet at the InStyle Awards on Tuesday, where she appeared with a beginning baby belly, according to some, was the reason.

According to the 32-year-old Kaley, it really can not be that people just ask from nowhere if you are pregnant. She calls it “laughable” and “shocking”. “I’m not pregnant, it may seem just like that, seriously, just shut up.”