Singer Selene Gomez stated complications on the second kidney

The famous singer Selena Gomez stated a complication on the second kidney. After a difficult operation last year for a kidney transplant, the health of a popular pop singer deteriorated markedly. Not so long ago, Selena Gomez went to a psychiatric hospital because of a nervous breakdown. According to the media after a nervous breakdown, Selena Gomez found out that the second kidney is already failing her. 

According to the publication THE SUN, the singer Selena Gomez is waiting for re-surgical intervention, if therapeutic methods do not help. Celebrities are strictly forbidden to be nervous:

Selena, very strong, we believe that she will recover, but none of us are immune from this kind of things. Selena had problems with the second kidney, and now we are doing everything possible so that the singer returns to normal life as soon as possible.

It is worth noting that the health problems of Selena Gomez began when a star discovered an autoimmune disease – systemic lupus erythematosus. This is a serious disease in which the human immune system perceives its own cells as foreign bodies and begins to fight them.