For a quarter of a century, the story of Woody Allen’s sexual harassment of her adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, lasts. She broke the silence in 2014, but then neither the producers nor the actors responded to her words, continuing the collaboration with the director, whose guilt was never proven in court. However, in 2017, the MeToo movement gained unprecedented power and began the procession through Hollywood, not losing attention to Woody Allen, who is now going to sue Amazon stream service due to the refusal to release his films.

Last Thursday, Woody Allen filed a lawsuit on Amazon because of the unilateral termination of contracts. Stream-service was supposed to release four films directed by the director, including “Rainy Day in New York” with Jude Law, Timothy Shalame and Selena Gomez, but he refused from his obligations.

The statement of claim states: “Amazon tried to justify its actions by the unreasonable accusations of 25 years ago, of which the service was well known even before the conclusion of four separate deals with Allen. Thus, the company did not have legal grounds to terminate contracts, given that such a decision threatened significant losses not only to Allen, but to investors, film crews and other people involved in making films. ” Now the director intends to recover from Amazon 68 million dollars.

Selena Gomez, Timothy Shalame and Woody Allen on the set of “Rainy Day in New York”:

Representative Woody Allen also drew the attention of the court to the fact that Amazon was going to declare itself in the film industry through the work of the director. Stream-service promised to finance and distribute the future films of the director and be his “home” until the end of his career. Obviously, Amazon decided that the end was near, and therefore did not continue to work with Allen against the background of the proceedings of the MeToo movement. It is worth noting, however, that collaboration with the director turned out to be disadvantageous: the series Crisis in Six Scenes received mostly low marks from critics, and the movie Wheel of Miracles with Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake from the same Allen brought only losses to the service.