Danai Gurira signed for her last season in The Walking Dead . The actress has been seen as Michonne since the third season.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Gurira will only be able to see a handful of episodes in the planned tenth season. The forty-year-old actress will then appear in the three announced Walking Dead films that channel AMC has planned. In it, former protagonist Andrew Lincoln will return again.

In November there was already uncertainty about the role of Gurira. David Madden, head of programming at AMC, then announced that the station would like to keep her at the show.

Gurira became famous for her role as Michonne, which she played since 2012. In 2018 her career took a new leap when she was shown in the Marvel hits Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War . She is also mentioned for roles in two spectacle films that are still in the making: Godzilla vs. Kong and a new Star Trekadventure.