The 31-year-old Amsterdammer who was shot by the police at De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) in Amsterdam on Wednesday evening carried a fake weapon.

The fake weapon could not be distinguished from a real firearm, the Public Prosecution Service ( OM ) announced on Thursday afternoon.

The police received a report about a man who would be standing with a firearm in the vicinity of Westeinde on Wednesday at 7:15 pm.

When the police arrived, the man ran away from the officers. The policemen responded with multiple shots. The man died on the spot from his injuries.

Possible suicide by police bullet

Research shows that there may be suicide by a police bullet. That is known as ‘suicide by cop’.

In a so-called suicide-by-cop incident, someone with a weapon tries to attract the attention of the police. By then running down on the agents, the person forces the police, as it were, to shoot at him. This makes it likely that the person will be killed by a police officer.

The Public Prosecution Service can not make any statements about the identity of the man.

A cyclist was also injured in the shooting incident. The man was hit in his leg and was taken to the hospital.