Lindsey Buckingham, ex-guitarist of Fleetwood Mac, was admitted to the hospital for open heart surgery last week. In that emergency procedure, his vocal chords would have been damaged.

His wife Kristen posted a picture on Twitter with a message in which she says that her husband is now recovering at home. “Although he and his heart are improving, the operation has resulted in damage to the vocal cords.”

Kristen Buckingham says that they are not sure whether the damage is permanent, but that they are hopeful. In addition, she says that all scheduled shows are postponed until the guitarist is fully recovered. According to the wife, heart disease at Buckingham would be in the family. With her message she wants to make people aware of the importance of looking for preventive help in time.

Lindsey Buckingham was the permanent guitarist for Fleetwood Mac until last year, but that went wrong after a dispute, reportedly with singer Stevie Nicks. The guitarist filed a lawsuit, which ended in a settlement in December. In recent times Buckingham concentrated on his solo career.