Movie directed by Stephen Chbosky, Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay starring heart-warming inspirational movie “Wonder” is the major theaters, and has Gain a good reputation, “choose good” value orientation has become a hot topic of netizens. Let the audience is pleased that the movie key will be postponed for a month, this warmheartedness reputation work also received more opportunities to meet with the audience.

After the film “Wonder” landed on the National Theater, it triggered the first wave of 2018 boom. All Oscar lineup starred together, 11-year-old “Prepared for Emperor” challenge special effects makeup as the absolute Aspect, and the film warmhearted story, the positive emotional content is inspired by parents with children to film the enthusiasm. The box office has exceeded 150 million yuan, released three weeks to achieve row and box office counterattack, and access to the film for two consecutive weeks attendance first, showing the “miracle” at the box office curve.

Public opinion on the major word-of-mouth platform is also all the way to the evaluation of the hurricane, cat’s eye 9.3, Tao Tao votes 9.2, Douban 8.6, integrated score is ranked first in the same period with the film. A win-win situation at the box office and word-of-mouth can be seen in the market recognition of the film, the key of the movie will be postponed for a month to make this film full of positive energy can warm more Chinese families this winter.

The movie “Wonder” scored 8.1 on the professional movie review website IMDb and 86% rotten tomato. Many viewers who have watched the movie said that after watching the whole person, they all seem to have a bowl of sweet and not-too-greasy “chicken soup,” and the principle of “choosing kindness because everyone is fighting a hard life” seems simple. Warmth, “every single island like you and me, can find in the movie dedicated to their own share of the warmth of every detail of the film melted the hearts of people” “In the face of the established self-plight, our own Attitude is the absolute play, take off the mask, accept yourself, accept the immutable, change can be changed, I believe always good people will be gentle, “” the interaction between parents and children, including how to tolerate children,  To accept the child’s imperfection, how to maintain effective communication, all parents are worth learning, the Spring Festival will bring the whole family two brush “praise the entire network such as brushing. “Wonder” released its popularity for many days, the key extension also allows more viewers to watch the warm heart of reputation, can not help but make the film more long-term development more looking forward to.