Due to the side effects of the experiment, Sam Worthington in the film appearance change…..

according to foreign media reports, by Sam Worthington , Taylor Schilling starred in science fiction film “Titan” released the first notice, after the military experiment variable Sam Worthington, who became Super Man, had the ability to survive on Saturn’s satellites but became a “Superman killer” of all-conquering because of the dismal appearance of Sam Worthington.

Titan Trailer

As sci-fi films, the metaphor in Titan is still very common. The ultimate result of mankind’s vain attempt to change the laws of nature and the rational use of high technology have once again become the focus of discussion. In 2 minutes 20 seconds of the trailer, the first half of the outstanding pilots used to describe Sam Worthington played participated in the “space program”, and ordinary people do not have the ability after a successful experiment. The side effects of the experiment became the obvious demarcation point between the two parts, with the hope that the resurgent Sam Worthington, whose presence on Saturn’s satellites would have a different look, would single-handedly fight against the special forces that came to “encircle the battle.”

“Titan” will be the first release in the United Kingdom on April 13, North America release time yet to be announced.