Despite the fact that the popular brunette did not want to go down the aisle, she cried all day before marriage registration, today American actor Will Smith and his spouse Jada are one of the most powerful couples of Hollywood. It is no secret that soon lovers will celebrate the 21st anniversary of the novel. In honor of the significant date, the pop singer decided to give a frank interview by visiting a well-known television show. 47-year-old brunette touched on the topic of divorce, as well as the couple’s feelings after such a long family life.

So the star of the TV screens said: “Personally, I do not consider myself mature enough to break off relations. I think I will never come to this. Because if you decide to be together, you need to constantly develop, learn something new, maintain passion with a partner. When you decide to leave or pause, you change your life drastically. For example, a table that stands before me will no longer be the same if I turn it upside down. ” In addition, Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted that during her marriage she wanted to leave her husband, but the Hollywood actor did not give her a divorce. The famous American woman said: “Will said that he would not allow him to leave because he had been looking for someone like me all his life. Now he does not want to spend the remaining years on new dates, meetings and acquaintances.

According to, the star of the movie “People in Black” and a popular brunette went down the aisle in 1997. Previously, Jada Pinkett-Smith admitted that she suffered from sexual addiction, and also engaged in the sale of illicit drugs. But after meeting with the actor she managed to change her life. Today, an American has two children, is a frequent guest of television shows and delights fans of music tracks, as well as filming in the movies.