During the recording of her new movie Destroyer, Nicole Kidman had to hide from a real shooter. That was what the actress told this weekend during a Bafta event in London.

“I stood there on the street with my fake weapon”


The Australian plays in the film an agent of the LAPD, the police force of Los Angeles. The recordings took place in South Central, not the best neighborhood of the city. “We were operating in South Central and suddenly there was a call:” everybody inside, there is a shooter, a real shooter. “I immediately thought: what?” Nicole recalled, according to New York Post.

“I stood there on the street with my fake weapon and suddenly they dragged me in and I lay on the floor, with a real shooter and all helicopters in the area.”

The actress had almost never played in Destroyer, she revealed last month. She wanted to cancel the film because she had just turned up the drama Boy Erased. “I do my best to pick up a lot of different things, I do not want to get the same roles all the time.” But I had just picked up Boy Erased and I was tired and worried that I could not handle an action role, so I tried to get out of it. I do that more often, but I was happy to hear that that was not an option. “