Will Smith have lost his splendor? The 53-year-old American actor shared on Instagram, Monday, May 3, 2021, a snapshot where he appears with a few extra pounds. What to surprise its 50 million subscribers.

At almost 53 years old, Will Smith is the idol of several generations . From his debut in the American sitcom, The Prince of Bel-Air , through many cinematographic successes such as the Men in Black saga , through the science fiction film, Independence Day or even I am a legend , the actor knew how to charm the crowds. Jaden Smith’s dad got to play with his talent, of course, and his physique, too. Moreover, it is difficult to count the number of rankings of the sexiest men in the world where it climbs regularly in the first places. If the musculature of Will Smith has been a dream for more than three decades, it has been damaged by the health crisis. The actors, as François Berléand explained , have been working much less for a few months. On Instagram Monday, May 3, 2021, the husband of Jada Pinkett Smith unveiled the new curves of her body. ” I will be sincere with you, I am in the worst shape of my life ” he writes, with sincerity.

Will Smith seems to have gained a few pounds. In an open track jacket and short shorts, the actor shows a rounded belly. On his account followed by more than 50 million followers, fans commented heavily. There are those who are surprised: ” I will report this photo”, “This is the most amazing post in social media history “, “It’s time to get down to business my brother”, “The acceptance is the first step “,” I finally look like my idol “,” The fresh pear of Bel-Air “,” Why do you want to look like Uncle Phil? “,” I see some breasts and some muscle ,

Many others love Will Smith, no matter how few extra pounds he is. ” You are Will Smith! You can be in any shape you want “, “Let me be honest with you. You are 52. You look great “, “You have been in shape your whole life. Enjoy the belly. dad with pride! Let’s finish … discrimination carbohydrates “,” You deserve a break , “” We love the shape of your soul “,” is anyone cares? You stay the ‘sexiest man in the world ‘ we can read. It is to be bet that the American star will quickly lose his excess weight when he returns to the cinema.