That Mark Wahlberg (49) does everything he can to empathize with a character he will play, is evident from the fact that the actor ate no less than 13 kilos of it in preparation for his role in the film ‘Father Stu ‘. Wahlberg shared a photo on social media that clearly shows how his toned body has changed into a much heavier body.

A month ago, Mark told Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show that he was looking forward to eating 20 chicken nuggets and hot wings every day, along with six cans of beer. But that is not how he gained the extra pounds. On Instagram, he thanks chef Lawrence Duran, who ensures that Mark consumes high-calorie food, but healthy. Because after the film shoots all those kilos have to come off and that is easier if you have not only consumed junk food.

The actor plans to gain about nine kilos, in order to get completely in the shoes of his character. Wahlberg plays a boxer who eventually becomes a priest. Mark also gained considerable weight for previous film roles, to then focus again on his sports regime.