How much is David and Victoria Beckham’s chic mansion in Beverly Hills?

David and Victoria Beckham recently denied the news of their divorce. But the couple are selling a common mansion, so these conversations reappeared.

David Beckham and his wife decided to sell the mansion in Beverly Hills, which they bought in 2007. Judging by his description, it contains six bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a pool, a library, a cinema, a music room, and the total area is 13 thousand square feet. Unfortunately, photos of the house are not freely available.

So, David and Victoria Beckham bought this house in Beverly Hills for 22 million dollars, and sell for 33 million. According to media reports, the buyer has already been found.

Only sells the mansion family Beckham it is not due to problems in the relationship. The couple is now in London all the time, and it makes no sense for them to keep and pay for such a large mansion. That is why the couple decided to sell it. At the same time they also earn on it.