Actor Ben Affleck told about his alcohol addiction…………..

Actor Ben Affleck, as reported by his brother, suffers from alcoholism. Because of this problem, the artist cannot start a normal life. Previously, Ben Affleck did not raise this topic. And now I decided to write a candid letter on the social network.

Ben Affleck admitted that it is very difficult for him to cope with his illness. But his relatives support him, and it inspires:

Not to put into words what it means to me the support that I received from my family, colleagues and fans. She gave me the strength to talk about the disease. Fighting any addiction is a lifelong struggle. I fight for myself and my family. Many people turned to me in social networks to talk about their struggle with the disease. I want to thank them. Your power has inspired and supported me.

By the way, Ben Affleck divorced his wife Jennifer Garner. The couple brings up joint children who are still living with Garner.