Faced with Russian interference and many excesses related to misinformation, the giants take the lead.

Misinformation is a scourge on the internet. After letting it prosper, the giants of the web seem determined to take the lead. So this Friday will bring together major players such as Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others to discuss ways to fight against false information. BuzzFeed was able to get an email about this summit meeting. At the time of conspiracy sites, accounts disseminating mass of unspecified articles, it becomes urgent for many to clean among trusted Internet users.

A meeting planned around the giants of the web

Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook … these are the services that make today’s Internet and which, despite a constant struggle, are still struggling to channel false information or hateful content. It must be said that with millions of active accounts, it is sometimes difficult to manage everything. It is a mail recovered by BuzzFeed which allows to discover that these giants of the web intend to meet this Friday to discuss disinformation.

As agreed with some of you in previous weeks, we want to organize an exchange around our sector and the various manipulations of information, the protection of elections and all the foresight on this subject.

It seems more than obvious today that the web players want to avoid a new Russian interference or an influence of elections, political decisions around the world via social networks. It remains to be seen what will come out of this summit meeting.