The record label Michael Jackson has admitted that it is not the King of Pop who sings on all the songs of his posthumous album. Fans around the world are very angry.

In the Jackson family, the scandal never stops. While Patriarch Joe Jackson died two months ago, Conrad Murray, the doctor who was convicted for killing the King of Pop, recently confided how the singer kept his voice so high . Two years ago, he claimed that the singer had been raped “in his own family” . Hard statements but whose merits have never been confirmed.

However the fans of the interpreter of Thriller are always faithful to the post, having only to make family stories of the singer and putting forward the artist. The objects that belonged to him are snapped up for gold in auctions and fervor is still in his favor. This is also thanks to fans of Mickael Jackson that today, justice is done.

In 2010, Sony , the record company of the late author-songwriter and performer, released a posthumous album of new songs from the former Jackson 5 . Immediately thousands of fans around the world shouted at the sham and denounced three songs that, according to them, would be fake. Vera Sevora, a fan, has attacked Sony in court to get the word out of the story.


In the California Court of Appeal, the record company had to admit the wrongdoing. The titles  Breaking News, Keep Your Head Up  and  Monster are actually not played by the King of Pop. On the other hand, it is he who composed them two years before his death. Having had no time to record them, his producer and friend has therefore used an imitator to replace him. With ease.