Marco Kroon, bearer of the Military William Order, is working on a film about his time as a soldier in Afghanistan. The basis of the film is the book Danger Close in which Kroon describes heroic deeds of which he received the highest military award in 2009. Director Roel Reiné, known from the film Michiel de Ruyter, confirms that he is involved in the project.

The Afghanistan veteran would like the permission and cooperation of Defense. “Kroon has indeed submitted his idea for the film to us and we are looking at it now”, confirms a spokesperson for the ministry after a message from RTL News.

According to RTL, the ministry is awaiting the outcome of an investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (OM) into an incident in 2007 in Afghanistan. If that is the case, the defense spokesman could not confirm. Kroon then killed an enemy who, according to him, had imprisoned and tortured him. Only ten years later he reported that to Defense.

The decorated war hero was previously discredited. In 2011 he was charged with drug and arms trade. The court then only sentenced him to illegal possession of weapons. He was acquitted of the possession of cocaine.