The 49-year-old shock rocker Marilyn Manson, according to his fans, had a nervous breakdown during a performance in New York. He murmured unintelligible lyrics into the microphone, played half songs and demanded applause and shrieking. After a short set he disappeared completely from the stage, not to return.

After three songs, the concert derailed completely according to those present. On Instagram fans talk about the ‘bizarre behavior’ of Manson, who resumed his tour for the album Heaven Upside Down in November.

The musician has had a tough year: after a piece of art fell on him last year during a concert he broke his brook in two places. He fired his bass player Twiggy Ramirez after being accused of sexual misconduct. A former guitarist of the group died from colon cancer.

Manson and his band played few full songs, the musicians put numbers in, but Manson himself mumbled and complained to the audience instead of singing. He left after an hour and a quarter of an hour. Many fans were angry, but some were particularly sad because it did not seem to go well with Manson. ‘It was difficult to see that an artist can be so bad at it’, according to a visitor on Instagram.



I wish I could say last nights show was amazing, but it was just awful. Manson came out with a bang but the whole thing deteriorated very quickly. A couple songs in, he went into a conversation with the crowd about how much we loved him (or not). Asked for cheering and the usual rock star ego stuff. That’s fine, and everyone did their best to scream as long as we could. But once it got to be 10 minutes of begging for adoration and no music, I think we all started to realize something was wrong. Once he was temporarily satisfied, it didn’t improve. They would start songs only to screech them to a halt a minute in. There were very drawn out versions of songs where Manson mostly rambled on about our lack of love and other bizarre things. After an hour and fifteen minutes of this, he threw his microphone and left the stage. House lights came on a couple minutes later. I don’t think they completed more than 4 songs. ▪ It’s clear he was under the influence of something. Which, let’s be honest, is not that strange for a rock star. But this was something different. He couldn’t seem to pull it together to deliver a performance even mediocre at best. It was distressing to see an artist you care about in such a bad state. Many people were yelling “Fuck you!”, chanting and booing, especially at the end. But I wasn’t really angry. I was sad and bewildered. He seemed desperately in need of emotional and physical care. I know he’s been hit with a bunch of personal losses within a few months, so it is easy to see how that could be affecting him (though I can’t speak for how he really feels inside, of course). Maybe it was a one-time bad night. We all have those sometimes. But if not, I really hope he gets help because what I witnessed was not good. It was the strangest, saddest and worst concert I’ve ever been to, and I’ve been to a lot. #marilynmanson

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