Taylor Swift is out of business!

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Taylor Swift was accused of plagiarism on her song “Shake It Off”. But a California federal judge accepted the appeal filed by the singer …


Since February 13, 2018, Taylor Swift can once again focus on his career without worrying about criminal prosecution. Hall and Butler, two of the girlband 3LW’s songwriters, attacked him for plagiarizing 20% of the lyrics of their 2001 “Playas Gon’Play” on the singer’s “Shake It Off” hit.

Taylor Swift last September appealed to Judge Michael Fitzgerald, who has just accepted, after analyzing the two titles.

Taylor Swift has nothing to worry about

The question was whether Taylor Swift had infringed copyright law. Federal Judge Fitzgerald ruled that the offending sentence (Playas, they gonna play / And haters, they gonna hate) is not protected by this right. Still according to him, the concepts of (“players” and “haters”) were imposed in the American popular culture since 2001. And their association would be in fact very banal.

The judge left the complainants the option of appealing his decision until February 26, if they had new arguments. But Fitzgerald J. doubts it. This can only reassure Taylor Swift and his fans.

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