US President Trump paid a visit to victims of the shooting at a school in Florida. Together with his wife Melania spoke to people who have been shot, doctors and agents. “It is sad that such a thing can happen,” he said afterwards.

Trump congratulated the doctor who accompanied him with the rapid assistance. “The doctors, the nurses, the hospital, the police, incredible, the victims were brought to the hospital at lightning speed, one even in 19 minutes after the shot.” Unbelievable. ”

Then he visited another police station where he spoke to the agent who arrested the 19-year-old suspect. “How modest you are, I would have put it more”, the president joked when the man told his story.


The former student opened fire on schoolchildren and staff of the high school in Parkland last Wednesday. Seventeen people died, fourteen were injured. This was the deadliest shooting at an American school since Sandy Hook .

The perpetrator, Nikolas Cruz, was arrested. He turned out to be out of school last year. A friend of his appeared to have already warned the FBI that the boy threatened to derail, but with that tip nothing was done.

There were initial reports that Cruz had been trained by the extreme right-wing militia Republic of Florida, but there have been doubts about this. Although the police follows the tiny independence group, nothing was known about ties with Cruz. It seems that its leader has given US media false information.

Son Trump

The first dead have been buried, two girls aged 14 and 17. The mother of one of them called on President Trump to do more to make schools safer. She asked him to think about his own son.

“President Trump, Barron is also going to school, so let’s protect him, let’s protect all those other kids, help us, it’s got to be safer, action is needed, action, action.”

My child is dead. It keeps on grinding, day and night.

Father of one of the victims

The other girl’s father spoke to the mourners in the synagogue where the funeral was being held. “My child is dead, it keeps on grinding, day and night,” he shouted. “It is hard to understand that I will never see my princess again, I have always been able to protect her, but she was not safe now.”

Trump, who in the past supported his support for the NRA weapon lobby, tweeted shortly after the massacre that he wants to improve safety in schools and that psychological problems need to be better addressed. He did not respond to questions or weapon laws.