Direct-to-DVD is not always synonymous with tiny budget and cheaps special effects. Viking, the birth of a nation intends to trace an eventful period of Russian history.

The Vikings definitely have the coast right now. While the eponymous series broadcast on Canal + has caused a great enthusiasm among the public, the world of VOD also looks into the matter.

Scheduled for next February 7 in DVD and Blu-Ray, Viking, the Birth of a Nation will focus on a very specific period of history. Counting the story of three brothers competing for the territories of Kievian Russia (including Vladimir I, who ruled from 980 to 1015), director Andrey Kravchuck staged a bit of history little known in France.

The opportunity to discover the links between the Vikings (the Varangians more precisely) and the Slavic populations of the 10th century, just before the massive Christianization of the country.

One will not escape the stories of love and revenge a little agreed, but the reconstitution of the battles with the interesting air (even if the French language does a little stain). It will change us a bit from the Second World War.