The director of the highly indigestible Fast and Furious 8 is currently in negotiations with the Sony studio to reboot the famous Men in Black franchise . The company of destruction of the imagination of the 80s and 90s continues quietly its way.

Director F. Gary Gray, already in charge of the movies Justice Is Made, Fast and Furious 8 and Be Cool, is about to commit a new artistic crime. The director would indeed be in negotiations to make the next film Men in Black. The footage will be a reboot and therefore should not feature in his casting Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. According to The Hollywood Reporter, this new adventure of men in black would be considered in the manner of Jurassic World. That is, as a reboot/ suite evolving in the same universe as the previous opus, but with new characters. Be that as it may, a first version of the script was written by Arthur Marcum and Matt Holloway, the writers of the first Iron Man.

Dark time

If for a big studio the economic choice to place F. Gary Gray at the head of a blockbuster of the caliber of Men in Black is coherent ( Fast and Furious 8 has brought back more than one billion dollars in the world, it is simply huge), it is sad to note that a director as artistically limited finds himself in staging a world so cultured, which had more of it not need to be rebooted. We therefore think of Paul Feig’s useless  Ghost version 2016, Marc Webb’s Amazing Spiderman , or the recent Jumanji  by Jake Kasdan (the director of Sex Tape anyway).

For pleasure and to comfort yourself a little:

 As a reminder, this news thus definitely (or temporarily?) End the crossover project that was to see evolve in the same movie men in black and police infiltrated 21 Jump sSreet . MIB 23 can not be done anyway because of legal problems, there is not necessarily regret to have. Too bad all the same, because we would have certainly preferred to see Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum fart the lead vis-a-vis the two special agents rather than to attend a pseudo remake of the film of Barry Sonnenfeld.

Even if Men in Black 2 remains the weakest episode of the original trilogy, we are willing to bet that this unloved sequel will be positively re-evaluated from June 14, 2019, the release date of F. Gary Gray’s new film. Finally, we still prefer to remind you that if you miss Tommy Lee Jones, he should normally return to the screens next year alongside Brad Pitt in Ad Astra , new project of the brilliant James Gray ( Two Lovers, The Lost City of Z ), one of the last great American classics, who will tackle an ambitious sci-fi narrative this time.