On the initiative of Unicef, the humanitarian organization has just launched its new operation, Game Chaingers, and this time it is us, geeks and gamers who are targeted.

Indeed, from February 2 to March 31, 2018, you can help Unicef not with your money, but using your computer with a graphics card. You will understand, we are talking about cryptocurrency and in this case Ethereum.


The genesis of this project starts from an observation: the war in Syria is the most appalling humanitarian crisis of the last twenty years, but also paradoxically represents one of those which receives the least support. Today, organizations must increasingly rely on voluntary contributions. The goal for Unicef was therefore to raise awareness of a new donor target by changing the mode of donation collection!

Game Chaingers is a fundraiser in itself, but it’s the first one done thanks to the blockchain of a cryptocurrency, Ethereum. A differentiating solution addressed and carried by a new category of donors: the some 711 million gamers in the world, but also anyone with a computer with a graphics card.

As a result, thanks to the work of their graphics cards, donors no longer need to give the euro to support the action of Unicef. The cryptocurrency “mined” by the participants will go directly to the Unicef wallet and the balance can be verified publicly at any time. So, if you feel humane, you will have all the information HERE.