The controversial HBO documentary Leaving Neverland , in which Michael Jackson (1958-2009) is portrayed as a pedophile and child abuser, was premiered yesterday at the Sundance film festival in America. Certainly a viewer left the room shocked, while psychologists had to give some people spiritual assistance.

The four-hour film by the British director Dan Reed caused a lot of dust in advance, because two alleged victims of Michael Jackson – the 36-year-old Australian Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the boy in 1987 with the singer in a well-known Pepsi advertising was on display – a very extensive look back at their ‘friendship’ with the King of Pop . Although Michael Jackson was acquitted of abuse, Robson and Safechuck argue in the high-profile document that the star has been systematically and thoroughly touched. 

The relatives of Michael Jackson do not have a good word for the film. But frantic attempts to stop the premiere did not work out. During the first screening of the documentary extra police stood outside the cinema to calm down angry Jackson fans. In the Egyptian TheaterIn Park City, Utah, aid workers were present to assist viewers. According to American media, a number of people left the room crying during the film screening. A few people would have talked to a psychologist in the building. In this case it was someone who was the victim of abuse himself. 

In the documentary, the two alleged victims state that they were ‘really’ touched by the King of Pop. The facts would have happened when the boys were 7 and 10 years old. During the lawsuits against Jackson, at the time they declared under oath and again and again that the star had never touched them. Why did they come back to that and now talk about sexual abuse and traumas? According to the two, they have unconsciously blocked a large part of their experiences. “But it really happened”, they insure in the film. After the premiere, the Safechuck and Robson did not emphasize on sensation or attention. ,, And we are not paid to participate in the film. “

The first reviews of Leaving Neverland are diverse. ,, Now a 10-minute break in the four-hour documentary. Whatever you thought you knew, the content of this documentary is more exciting than you can ever imagine. And we’re only in half “, film journalist Kevin Fallon from website The Daily Beast wrote on Twitter.


,, We are halfway through the documentary and I already know that I have to take four hundred showers to make me feel clean again, “says David Erlich, the film critic of  IndieWire . And: ,, I can never listen to Jackson’s music again. ” The Los Angeles Times also shared a report:” There is an incredibly emotional reaction to the public. A viewer in the room suddenly shouted that he was also abused as a child, and that this film will do more for the world than Michael Jackson has ever done. ”  Rolling Stone : ,, Afterwards almost everyone was in shock.”  Variety  typifies the documentary as ‘shocking and a convincing testimony of two victims’, while  The Hollywood Reporter the film is called ‘one-sided’ because Michael Jackson can never defend himself again.

When Leaving Neverland can be seen in the Netherlands, it is still unclear. During the premiere, Wade Robson and James Safechuck were also present. They answered questions from the audience afterwards. In the video below: James Safechuck (center) Wade Robson (right).

Some of the Fans where there to protect Michael Jackson