Ten years after the death of Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin returns on their friendship.

n 1991, coming out of a colossal success in cinema with ” Mom, I missed the plane” , Macaulay Culkin , then eleven years old, appears in the clip of the song ” Black or white” of Michael Jackson . The latter was 33 years old.

At the time, a friendship is created between the man and the child. Since then, this rapprochement between the two stars has been the source of many rumors.

Macaulay Culkin and Michael Jackson: “simply friends”

While the American singer has often been accused of sexual touching on a minor, but never condemned, Macaulay Culkin took advantage of a podcast of Inside of you podcast to speak about his relationship with the performer Bad .

Our relationship was perfectly normal, and banal. It’s easy to say that our relationship was weird, but it was not because my friendship made sense to me. We were just friends, that’s all.

Macaulay Culkin felt close to Michael Jackson who, like him, had known the very young celebrity.

I did not have friends at the time. In my Catholic school, no one knew what I was going through, and he was the only one to have experienced the same thing and to reach out to me so that I would not feel alone. He was hilarious, sweet and charming. I know everyone judged us, but for me our friendship was perfectly normal.

In the past, Macaulay Culkin had already said that he had never seen the singer be wrong with anyone.