On Twitter, a heated exchange of words has arisen between Cardi B and Fox presenter and political commentator Tomi Lahren. That happened after Cardi B posted comments about Donald Trump and the shutdown of the government. Fans love it.

Tomi Lahren reacted mockingly to Cardi B , saying: “It seems that Cardi B is the latest genius of political spirit that the Democrats recommend. HA. Love boys. MAGA. “Cardi B let the hostile tweet pass by for a few days, but reacted Sunday:” Leave me alone. I will not leave a chip of yours. ”

Clear language, but the Fox News presenter does not allow herself to respond again. “I am sure you will. Yet that does not make your political gibberish any less disturbed. “Cardi B finally decides to deal with her verbally. “You are so blinded by racism that you do not even realize that the decisions of the president you support are destroying the country you say so much. You are the perfect example that shows that no matter how well-trained or smart you think you are, you are still a SHEEP! “

Fans went crazy.