LOS ANGELES – American rapper XXXTentacion was shot dead in Florida last summer, but is now still father of a son. His girlfriend Jenesis Sanchez made that known on social media. The boy is named Gekyume Onfroy. Also the official Instagram account of the rapper, which is still being updated, confirmed the news.

The name Gekyume was special for the rapper. He conceived the word to indicate a ‘new stage’ or ‘new universe of thought’.

XXXTentacion was shot dead last June after being approached by two men. One of them shot him up close. The perpetrators then fled into an SUV. In the meantime four suspects have already been arrested, but the motive for the murder remains unknown.

The rapper did not have an easy life, even though he became very popular for his music in a short time. He had been indicted shortly before his death for the assault of his pregnant girlfriend and twelve other serious crimes. After his death, those cases were discontinued.