David (43) and Victoria (44) Beckham can look back on a good year. According to the British press, the British couple together account for 700 million pounds. This is evident from the annual figures of the Beckhams companies.

David Beckham has three companies: Footwork, Beckham Brand Holdings and DB Ventures. In 2018, these companies generated a combined turnover of £ 560 million. The profit doubled from 21 million to 47 million pounds. His wife also did well. The value of the share she has in her eponymous fashion label is estimated at £ 100 million. In addition, she raises 10 million pounds a year from the proceeds of her musical career.  

According to The Sun, the couple also earned £ 8 million in 2018 with the sale of their villa in Los Angeles. The couple would have received 28 million for the house. 
2019 also promises to be a good year for Victoria. Although she does not participate in the concert tour of The Spice Girls, it is expected that she will also fully benefit through the image rights and royalties.