The tour of Nicki Minaj (36) is not about roses. After having previously had to cancel a performance in Slovakia and appeared on stage almost an hour late in Belgium, the rapster failed to attend for the second time on Saturday. This time the fans from Bordeaux were left in the cold after being notified of the cancellation barely three hours in advance. 

Minaj tried to glue the pieces with her evil fans by apologizing on Instagram. In a video she said: “Guys, it is really not to my advantage not to act, and to lose money and make my fans angry. I like to act for you. I’m probably more excited than you for a show. But these two cities where there were technical problems were two cities I had never visited. We tried, but they just didn’t have enough electricity in the building to support my show. And they told us that only three hours before the show. We did test the sound, and then they told us everything was ok. In any case, every artist has technical problems and has to cancel shows. I want to tell you that I love you very much and that I will make it up soon. ”

Whether she will get away with those excuses is not entirely clear. When the news of the cancellation reached the waiting fans, they began to call her rival, Cardi B. There is hardly any clearer sign that they are not satisfied with the way things are going. 

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