Many viewers were unhappy with the first teaser video, in which Aladdin first met the hero of Will Smith. The creators decided to reassure the fans and presented them with an official trailer for the film, showing him colorful views of Agraba, the main and secondary characters, comedy moments and a charismatic genie, which will not only be blue.

Before the premiere of the game remake “Aladdin” there are only a few months, and it’s time for the audience to get ready for a loud premiere. Judging by the two-minute video, fans will find an interesting story in the bright oriental locations, flavored with Will Smith’s humor, action and charisma. In the trailer, the creators showed that the Djinn will appear on the screen in at least two ways: the magical and the human. Viewers can also rate the main characters performed by Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, Marvan Kenzari as the villain Jafar, as well as the universal pets, the monkey Abu, the flying carpet and the tiger Princess Jasmine.

For the production of the film is responsible director of “The Sword of King Arthur” Guy Richie. He wrote the script for the picture in collaboration with screenwriter John August, who worked on projects such as The Corpse of the Bride and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The premiere of “Aladdin” will be held May 23, 2019.