An ex-prisoner who was not eligible for a house due to his background, received help from Kim Kardashian. The reality star pays Matthew Charles’ rent for the next five years.

According to Country Music Television, Kim contacted Matthew after reading a story about his housing problems. “He was overwhelmed by her offer. Her generosity changed his life,” a producer from the channel told Us Weekly.

Matthew was released in 2016 after serving 20 of the 35-year prison sentence he was sentenced to. Two years later, a court ruled that he should be served the rest of the sentence he received for possession of weapons and drug trafficking. According to Us Weekly, Kim discussed his case with President Trump during one of her visits to the White House. He was released again last January.

Matthew has announced on Facebook that Kim did not want publicity for her promotion. “But this is too good not to share, my heart is almost bursting with happiness.”