In a video shared on social media, the popstar announced, with tears in their eyes, having to cancel a concert organized as part of its world tour.

Ariana Grande  is forced to pause her world tour “Sweetener world tour” because of health problems. The popstar went Saturday night to his fans, via Instagram, telling them to cancel his next concert in Lexington, Kentucky.

This tour, which began nine months ago, is due to end in December in Los Angeles. But the singer, who pulls the rope since already several dates, must slow the rhythm. 

” I’m still very sick, I’ve been sick since my last show in London, I do not know how it’s possible but my throat and my head are so painful, my voice sounds good, but I suffer a lot and it’s difficult for me to breathe during my concert “, had warned Ariana Grande in a message shared in Story, hoping to be able to maintain her show.

A state “ten times worse” than the day before

Followed by a doctor, she added, ” You know that I pull the rope and often hide things as best I can, even when I’m sick and do not want to say it until it’s really hard . ”