Tom Hanks (63) should have made his appearance in ‘Friends’ seventeen years ago, but had to cancel at the last minute. Freddie Prinze Jr. told that. (43), who played a guest role in the series, to Entertainment Weekly. “I wasn’t supposed to appear in ‘Friends’. The role was first offered to Tom Hanks, but he was unable to attend. “

In the penultimate season of the series, Ross and Rachel hire a male nanny to take care of their daughter. ‘Forrest Gump’ actor Tom Hanks was presented with that role on a tray, but was ultimately not featured in the series. Freddie Prinze Jr. took over the role at the last minute. “I wasn’t supposed to play Sandy,” Freddie confessed to Entertainment Weekly. 

“Tom Hanks was filming a movie and could not be on time for the recording of ‘Friends’. My agent then called me to ask if I wanted to play a role. The next day I was on the set. I was very nervous, because I didn’t even get the chance to read the script. ”David Schwimmer, who played Ross, fortunately made the actor comfortable. “He came into my dressing room and said:” You’re going to love this. It is a fun scene and the studio audience is very present. It will be fun so don’t worry. ”