Gemini Man , that new film starring Will Smith, did worse than predicted during the opening on Friday night. The film ‘only’ brought in 7.5 million dollars, while the makers hoped for 30 million.

According to The Hollywood Reporter , director Ang Lee used technology worth 140 million dollars (equivalent to 126.8 million euros) to realize the film. So a lot still needs to be done if the producers want to see the money invested again.

Not only did the makers envisage a higher yield during the opening night in the United States, experts also estimated that the film would rake in around 20 million dollars (18 million euros). All eyes are now on the foreign cinemas, which are yet to show the film. But the makers will not be at ease, because reviewers have predominantly sabotaged the film.

In Gemini Man is the character Henry Brogan (played by Smith) center that performs commissioned murders. Until Brogan himself is hunted by a shooter who is a clone of his younger self.

Meanwhile, Joker continues his triumphal procession in America after the film generated $ 17 million in ticket sales on Friday night. This brings the total amount that Joker has delivered since last week’s opening weekend to $ 154.7 million (140 million euros).