A year later, from the beginning of the novel, the actress and her lover took a new step in the development of their relationship.

A year ago, it became known that Jennifer Garner was meeting with John Miller, the owner of the restaurant business in Los Angeles. The couple’s relationship developed rather slowly. Already in a relationship with the new chosen one, Jennifer tried to complete the divorce process with Ben Affleck. The actress had to wait several years to get a divorce, because her husband was faced with a psychological crisis and addicted to alcohol – Jennifer was afraid that the decision to divorce would aggravate his situation.

At the same time, new beloved Garner officially ended his relationship with his ex-wife, with whom he had been together for 11 years. Having gone through all the hardships of divorce, Jennifer and John became completely free and finally could pay attention to their relationship.

Not so long ago, Miller took an important step: he invited his parents to dinner with Jennifer and officially introduced them to his beloved. According to Radar Online, the family spent time with Garner at home, and Jennifer surprised the guests with her culinary skills. They say that John did not just speed up the development of relations with the actress – he allegedly was jealous of her ex-husband, who recently began to live in the neighborhood.

Fans of the couple are sure: after such a wedding, the actors are not far off. It is worth noting that Garner and Miller have children from past marriages, but they successfully resolved issues with custody and parenting responsibilities.