The singer offers his vision in music about his last year of life.

Justin Bieber used his Instagram account on Friday to share a personal rap with his fans, offering a candid insight into the last year of his life.

The star married his wife Hailey, at a second wedding ceremony in South Carolina last month, after the singer previously declared that he needed to take some time off to solve his mental health problems.

Now, Justin is back in the studio, with a new album that will be released this year, and he took a break from working on the new tracks to reflect on how far he has come.

Rapping on the 50 Cent song from 2003, Many Men (Wish Death), he performed the new lyrics (literal translation): “He took a couple of years off / I shed a couple of tears, dawg / Shabby here and there / No fear here dawg. ”

“I have a wife, living life, living well, yes, it is tight / Gluten free, look at me / Who would have thought it would be good / When I rap, I will play the rhythm / I will attack with the heat / Without a leash, defeat, without a cap.”

Then he turned to look at the camera while articulating the lyrics of another verse: “My wife, yes, yes, I put it on a pedestal / My life is like a movie, The Incredibles.”

“They put me as a threat at that time / I never thought my depression would depend on it / I was sending it / Working hard with adrenaline / I have been a victim of the system / I am a Christian with a vision / I am a Knight.”