The producer of the first movie Venom has confirmed in an interview that Tom Hardy will be back in the sequel to the adventures cine symbiote!

Released last year at the cinema, Venom  has achieved a nice score in the global box office despite criticism clearly lacking enthusiasm. The film Marvel  has reported the sum of $ 855 million at the studio Sony Pictures, which could not be more correct compared to previous superhero productions of Sony, such as Spider-Man: Homecoming($ 880M) or The Amazing Spider-Man: The Destiny of a Hero ($ 708M). It is therefore not surprising in these conditions that the studio is actively preparing a sequel to the adventures of the symbiote in the dark rooms.

If we suspected that Tom Hardy would return to the role of Eddie Brock in the rest of the feature film, the information has the merit of being 100% official, as announced by producer Amy Pascal at the microphone of Fandango : ” I can say that Tom Hardy will be back to replay this character in a beautiful way, as only he can do.When you think of Venom, you will never again be able to detach yourself from the image of Tom Hardy sitting In a lobster aquarium, once you’ve seen Tom Hardy play this character, you know everything you need to know. “

If no release date has been announced by Sony for the moment, there is a very good chance that Venom 2 will come to the fore in October 2020, the studio having already booked a place in its calendar for the release of a Marvel movie  at this time. We will be entitled to two films Marvel made in Sony next year since the film Morbius (another villain of the universe of Spider-Man ) worn by Jared Leto is expected for August 5 of the same year in theaters .