It was during an interview at an event organized by Global Village that Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, came back to the issue of the biggest mistake of his life .

According to the reports reported by The Verge , Gates simply admitted that letting Android beat Microsoft wa the worst failure of his life . According to the businessman, he regrets the fact of having ” prevented Microsoft from becoming what Android has become ” . Specifying:

In the world of software, especially for platforms, these are markets where the winner recovers absolutely everything.

Until now, the failure and mismanagement were attributed to Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft who did not bet anything on the Apple iPhone because of the lack of physical keyboard .

The billionaire also adds that it seemed natural that Microsoft wins. However, Google has developed the standard non-Apple mobile OS reference . And this is the case: Android occupies almost 90% of the market with 2 billion active monthly users .

Bill Gates goes on to explain that only one operating system other than Apple’s can exist . The founder of Microsoft believes that it is impossible for a third player to succeed in this sector.

And to conclude:

It’s amazing for me to have made one of the biggest mistakes of all time. 
We are a leading company, but if we were right on that, we would be the leading company.