The days when fans wanted to be adopted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are over. If you want to be pampered, you should ask Cardi B if she wants to become your mother. The rapper has pampered her daughter Kulture.

The little girl received a necklace from her mother for her first birthday. And not just any one. The diamond copy cost around 90,000 euros. It is only Kulture’s birthday on July 10, but she already got the bling bling, so she can really shine at her birthday party. The necklace was made by Eliantte, a jeweler who helps many hip-hop stars with their golden chains.

The gift has a hefty price tag. The necklace consists of white gold, diamonds and colored glaze and was made especially for Kulture. Not only has the necklace been given a hefty amount of money, Cardi B has fumbled deep in for her daughter’s upcoming birthday party. She has already revealed that she has already spent 350,000 euros on all festivities. Not surprising that she sang: “I make money move.”