Anyone frustrated by confinement is likely to feel uncomfortable during the synchronous advance of the Ditch.

William Eubank does not go too far with film making since he has only made two films since his debut in 2011 under the direction of his debut director, Love and 2014’s The Signal. None of them are too enthusiastic about the industry, but they will soon be releasing their latest film, Underwater, which may well make it more widely known. 

The story of the film is not complicated, as the staff of a deep-sea research base is forced to fight for survival due to an earthquake. Starring Kristen Stewart (Road to the Wilderness, Café Society, Twilight), she also stars Vincent Cassel (Black Swan, Westworld), Jessica Henwick (Throne Fight, Iron Fist), John Gallagher Jr. (Cloverfield Lane 10, Newscasters) and TJ Miller (Deadpool, Silicon Valley). Here’s a synchronous teaser that doesn’t exactly suggest comedy: