The players report quite unpleasant problems.

Borderlands 3 has been made available on the PC through the Epic Games Store, and it would be easy to catch up on any technical issues that may arise. Most wizards aren’t the client, but it is a fact that for some who have closed the app after the game has started, some of the problems have disappeared.

Both Reddit and Resetera complain of the framerate collapsing, with many finding it most likely to look at the sight in an area where they haven’t been or rotate their character. A temporary solution is to set the Volumetric Fog and Material Complexity to medium, and then pull everything low and then switch it up. Using DirectX 12 is also not recommended. There are also bugs that prevent the selection of items in the inventory, but this can be remedied by changing the resolution and then switching it back on. We hope Gearbox moves fast. 

Borderlands 3 Official Launch Trailer