And in a few days, the general public can watch the story at Battle at Big Rock.

Those who are a little more knowledgeable in the Jurassic World community have been wondering for months what the hell is going on with the project Battle at Big Rock, which was revealed by a few brand new toy characters earlier this year. According to the original plans, the short film would have been screened before the screenings of Hobbs and Shaw cinema, and then the idea would eventually be thrown into the well with alleged problems around the production.

Fortunately, Battle at Big Rock lives and flourishes, confirmed by Colin Trevorrow himself on Twitter, along with his official launch on Sunday, September 15, on the American FX channel, after which, of course, the eight-minute short film will be made available online. In an exclusive interview with Collider following the announcement, Trevorrow told us a bit about the secret story, saying that, chronologically , one year after the Fallen Empire , it would pick up yarn in Big Rock National Park, less than 20 miles from the second episode. Lockwood Castle.

Trevorrow has also confirmed that in the new adventure we will see the struggle of a Nasutoceratops and an adult Allosaurus to survive, from the perspective of a family just on the spot, who will feature André Holland, Natalie Martinez, Melody Hurd and Pierson Salvador . As for the primates, the director, even if he was implicit, believed that one of the two animals was brought to life in the form of an animatronic robot, so we are really curious about what Trevorrow fired at us before the third episode in 2021.