On December 5, a new romantic comedy “Last Christmas” is released screens. The main roles in it were played by Henry Golding and Emilia Clark. The picture of Paul Fig has every chance of becoming the new favorite winter romk, and therefore Kinoafisha met with Henry Golding in London, on the eve of the release of the trailer, to learn more about the picture and Henry himself.

In the film, Emilia Clarke (“Game of Thrones”) plays a simple girl who works as a saleswoman of holiday decorations in London, but she does not really believe in miracles and is depressed, often applying herself to the bottle to pass lonely evenings at home. Suddenly she meets Tom (Henry Golding), who makes her look at the world from a completely new angle and become happy.

35-year-old Henry is half English, half Malaysian, and in his native Britain he is more famous as the host of the BBC programs. Also, Henry can be recognized by his role in the film “Madly Rich Asians” which became a hit last year.

– Henry, after reading the script, you immediately wanted to take part in the filming?

– Paul Fig, the director, called me at the end of the press tour of the film “Simple Request”, where I also starred, and said: “I have a script in which I see only you as the main character.” So he sold me this story in advance. But, when I read the text, I realized what my character was talking about. It represents the positive energy that we need so much today. Tom can help people see what they have and explain that you can be happy right now.

“Tom is the ideal of a man, right?”

“It may seem perfect, but it has its flaws.” To find out which ones you have to watch a movie.

– After Hugh Grant stopped acting in romantic comedies, his role was free. Are you hoping to occupy this niche?

“I can only dream of a career like Hugh Grant!” He is a phenomenal actor. By the way, we worked together on Guy Ritchie’s film “Gentlemen,” coming out next year. He plays a role there that no one expected from him. After all, we all fell in love with him in the role of a charming stuttering Englishman from the movie “Four Weddings and One Funeral”. He immortalized himself in the comedies that the whole world watches during the Christmas period. His image is very romantic, and he can not find a replacement. I want to be the first Henry Golding than the second Hugh Grant.

– What is the difference between the roles of Henry Golding from others?

– I want to play the main male roles, characters that are not toxic. My heroes are guys who endure many trials because they know exactly who they are. However, I’m not afraid to seem vulnerable.

– You had some kind of ideal from among the actors, when are you roles?

– Paul Newman played a huge role in my growing up. He was a real idol for me. His characters were very cool. I would say carelessly cool. He did not try to be what he was not, and excessively compensate for masculinity. He knew how to capture the attention of people by simply entering the room. I compare this quality with a beautiful cat that everyone wants to stroke. He did not need extravagant costumes to attract eyes. From a generation closer to me, Jude Law probably has this quality.

– You very quickly changed your career from a TV presenter to an actor. How did you do it?

– On the one hand, they are very similar. You always need to control yourself, to know where the camera is, to adapt to the situation. The director often changes his mind and comes up with a new reality for your scene. Often you have to humbly obey, even if you do not agree with the decision on the site. Although Paul Fig helped me a lot. There were situations when I could hardly pronounce phrases, and he honed them together with me.

– Was it difficult for you not to fall in love with Emilia Clark, who is very charming in real life?

– We try to observe a professional framework and respect each other’s privacy. They always consulted with us – what would be comfortable for us to portray in front of the camera, and what not. Even kisses were agreed in advance. In general, Paul was always known for his scrupulousness about the rights of actors and never did what we were not uncomfortable with.