UBeam is getting ready to throw its wireless charges for cell phone in the market. Few hardware industry vets has been hired by the 26 years old CEO Merdith Perry to whip the business into shape. Former Apple and palm finance leader Monica Hushen is going to Ubeam’s new CFO, Cisco, and Nokia’s VP Jeff Devine is joining as COO.
Power cords good…. as Meredith Perry in a mood to vipe them out. In 2011 Perry came up with the idea that the charging of cellphone and some other devices should be done wirelessly. Here Santa Monica based business has raised $13.2 million from investors like upfront ventures, Mark Suster, Mark Cuban and Zappos and Tony Hsieh.

Meredith has been working to perfect Ubeam’s first product with the team of 15. The product is going to be consist of 2 parts, transmitter that would converts ultrasound into electricity and would be installed or embedded into ceilings, room walls or might be under tables.
Receiver would be the second part and of course it would be embedded into cellphone cases. It would get the ultrasound and converts it into energy. UBeam is hoping to launch this revolutionary product in next summer and also expecting to charge everything from laptop computer to hearing aid batteries.