Hurricane Joaquin strenthing itself about 200 in the eastern side of Central Bahamas and according to many weather control center’s computer models its moving towards the East Coast this weekend. Although so much early these seems just the speculations that where it would hit.

If you are living nearby or along the East cost from Virginia northward to Maine, you are suppose to pay close attention to the weather forcasts for next few days.

hurricane-joaquin animation



According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami warnings has been issue for the Central Bahamas, including Cat Island, The exumas, Long Island and Rum Cay. Berry Islands, Bimini, Eleuthera and New Province and in some other areas Hurricane watches has already been hoisted.

Most of the computer models for weather forecast show that the storm is moving north-northwestward, and then it would move to the west areas of Carolinas to New York city. This might triger risk of strong winds and storm surge flooding to the Eastern Coast.